Capturing the beauty, wildness and romance of the seashore and coastal regions

We are a new, small family-run business on the West Sussex coast, near Chichester. The nursery grows a select range of plants that go well in coastal regions. Some are plants that originate in the various Mediterranean zones of the world, others are UK/European native and some are from northern United States. All have in common the ability to survive and thrive in a maritime environment. Please note we are a trade supplier only.

We grow a range of perennials, grasses, sub-shrubs and shelterbelt plants. Our peat-free range is small but we are adding new varieties all the time in typically 1.5, 2 and 5 litre sizes. the 1.5L size is available by postal delivery, but you are most welcome to visit (by appointment), pay and collect in traditional cash and carry manner. Do contact us for the availability lists and subscribe to the newsletter to get monthly updates.

Vegetated shingle land/seascape

Appreciating the different coastal zones

We draw inspiration from the different ecologies found along the coast and translate them into our plant selections. As we develop the nursery, we will be grouping plants into different zones that might be found in a coastal region and a description of these is available via the menu.

Vegetated shingle interpreted into a garden environment, West Sussex

Environmental Impact

All our plants are grown by us, peat and chemical free. We use our own mix of peat-free compost and drainage mediums to promote a good root system and are constantly experimenting with substrates. We also use biological controls in the greenhouse to maintain a natural balance; no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides used.

We offer a pot return service and will clean and re-use pots as much as possible, in order to keep our environmental footprint to the absolute minimum. We are looking at the use of biodegradable pots and we recycle everything we can at end of life.