Specialist growers of salt and
drought-tolerant plants

Born out of a love for plants that grow in difficult places, we have a small nursery in Reculver on the North Kent Coast. It’s a pretty wild place in winter, where we strive to raise plants that are designed to cope with the conditions, drought and salt spray.

The nursery is next door to an oyster farm, where many wild flowers and birds flourish undisturbed. Our prevailing wind is southwesterly, but when the wind is in the north or east, only the strong survive.

A selection of hardy ornamentals, salt and drought tolerant herbaceous plants, herbs and bedding is  available - please phone or email for details (contact information below).

Summer should see a good crop of samphire (a kind of sea asparagus) growing alongside the clam beds. It's delicious and well worth trying. We will also have a plentiful supply in 9cm pots. Just water regularly, adding a teaspoon of sea salt to 1 pint of fresh water.

Reculver is a great place to visit. See the Kent Wildlife Trust website for things to see and do at the Country Park, or take a bracing walk along the sea wall. On your way back, stop by at the Kent Trust Gift Shop, where you will find an ever changing display of coastal plants - a true souvenir of a stress-free, relaxing day out at the coast. 

Bring a little bit of our natural lives into yours.

To find out more about our 2009 stock,

please click here to email us

Or telephone Elaine Bayes on  01227 275077

Mobile: 07793 004282

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