Plant Range

We are building a small but interesting range of plants suited to the coastal environment and which sit in one of the various zones described (see menu). They are also good for dry gardens and adaptable from a climate-change point of view.

Our current selections are growing fast as we build up stock, so the availability list will reflect these changes.

Some stock set out in our sales area

We have a range of shrubs, sub-shrubs, perennials, herbs, grasses and groundcovers. We aim to build up an interesting selection of shelterbelt shrubs and trees as first-line defence. We also have a small range of plants, not necessarily coastal, which we grow for other purposes.

We are looking at a variety of substrates (all peat-free) to suit different coastal locations/zones and aim to source native seed from local sources. Many of our more ornamental plants we grow from seed or cuttings and hope to do more of this as we increase range.

Grasses section of the greenhouse