Grasses are generally tough and many will grow in a coastal zone. We grow a range of plants that are well known and some that are more unusual, like our native Carex divisula, when makes a wonderful, fine leaved dark hummock.

Carex divisula

We will be growing a number of ‘sand dune’ style plants, including our native Lyme and Marram grass, although such plants come with a health warning as they are pretty vigorous! Mostly suitable for coastal reclamation and habitat creation, we will grow these in a sand-based substrate.

Marram grass (Ammophila arenaria)

Whilst we might not use marram grass in a garden, we can achieve a similar look with other blue grasses. Juncus patens Carmen’s Grey has a suitable look along with Festuca glauca varieties and Koeleria glauca – a well behaved dune grass.

Grasses section of the greenhouse
Carex – C. brunnea variegata, comens Bronze and Irish Green