Plant profile: Artemisia arbrotanum

Artemisia arbrotanum for Coastal Plants nursery

Artemisia arbrotanum (Southernwood) is a lovely sub-shrub and has good year-round structure and form. It is best in full sun, is drought tolerant and well suited to the dry/gravel garden. It has pleasant, strong lemony camphor-like scented deciduous foliage of a soft, mid-green. We propagate from a non-flowering form which makes lovely wide domes. It can reach some 80cm high and 120cm wide. The wide domes contrast well with other plants, such as Limonium, Euphorbia, Salvia or Perovskia.

Soft green mounds of Artemisia arbrotanum

Traditionally used as a bitter herb, this Artemisia originates from the Balkan peninsular. Because of its herbal properties, it was grown in many gardens throughout Europe.

This non-flowering form makes soft mounds of mid-green foliage

As a dry-garden or coastal structural plant it brings rhythm and form into an informal design. This non-flowering form is especially good in this respect.

Spring pruning of Artemisia arbrotanum

March is generally the best time to prune back. Every five years or so, cut back harder than shown to relieve congestion.

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