Plant profile: Achillea crithmifolia

This Achillea is hard to find in the UK and originates in the Balkan Peninsula, I bought my plants from France, back in the day when one could. It likes it hot, dry and well drained and is hardy in the UK along the South coast, to -15°C. It works well in a border planting or as a ground-cover and grass substitute, especially when running through gravel and can stand light foot traffic.

Growing to a flowering height of 20cm (up to 50cm in damp conditions), this perennial opens its creamy-white flowers in June/July. It spreads by underground rhizomes and mixes well with other low ground-covers such as Ajuga or Thyme. This is an ideal plant for gravel gardening where it will spread itself around. Like some Achillea, it is likely short-lived as an individual plant, but its spreading habit compensates. Foliage is a soft green-grey in the usual Achillea manner.

Emerging flower heads of Achillea crithmifolia

The main feature of this Achillea is its short stature and spreading habit, which give it a different role in the garden from more usual forms. It is good at attracting a range of insects and if cut back after flowering may repeat flower.

A. crithmifolia with Hylotelephium matrona

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